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About DIET :-The District Education and Training Institute (DIET) is working with primary and secondary schools in the district to enhance the quality of school education, promote science education and promote mastery of school education. The main goal of this paper is to equip all children with the knowledge, skills and values ​​necessary to become good human beings, socially responsible citizens and enable them to achieve excellence. Purpose of establishment of DIET :-

Recognizing that the national and state level resources alone would not be sufficient for more broad primary and adult education systems, the National Education Policy favored the establishment of third level district education and training institutions at the district level. The Diets was established in the Seventh Five Year Plan with the objective of effectively providing pre-service and service education to teachers at the district level.

 DIET jurisdiction :-

06 taluks fall under the Davangere district. They are: - 1) Channagiri 2) Davangere North Zone

3) Davanagere South Zone 4) Harihara 5) Honnali 6) Jagalur. Primary and High Schools of the Department of Public Education, BEO Office, Block Resource Coordinator's Office, cluster resource centers.

 DIET configuration :-

The Diet is headed by a ranking officer of the Department of Public Education. The senior lecturer rank of "Group A" and the lecturer of the "Group B" group assist the Deputy Director in all academic and administrative matters. This institution is owned by D.S.E.R.T. This institution is under the purview of the Ministry of Education through the Commissioner of Public Education Department.

DIET’s mission and main activities are:-

  1. Improving the quality of education in primary and secondary schools in the district.
  2. Maintenance of Teacher Education Training (in-service and in-service education) in the district, including both primary and secondary education.
  3. Formulating satellite-based training programs.
  4. Promoting student talent through scholarships.
  5. Improving the educational quality of teacher training institutions.
  6. Technology use in education.
  7. Identify the teaching needs of primary and secondary school teachers and enhance the teaching skills of teachers.

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